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Remedial measures for Monsoon ailments

Though Monsoon brings so much of relief from the heat of summer, it makes man more succeptible to variety of illness. Diseases that are spread during monsoon may be water borne, air-borne or vector-borne.

General and specific management for the most common monsoon related diseases.


Patient must be kept at rest as warm as possible,no solid food whatever should be given, water may be given as desired.Milk is the best food if it is tolerated.(according to J..H Clark ‘The Prescriber’)

Homoeopathic management: Ver alb, Camphor, Jatropha, cupmet, ars, podo, elaterium, arg nit


Rest in bed, warmth,plenty of fluid intake, support with nourishment in a digestible form, as long as the symptoms are acute. There is a modified form of the disease, which requires care, but not necessarily either rest in bed or confinement to the house.

Homoeopathic management: ars alb, baptisia, Influenzinum, eupatorium p, gelsemium, bryonia, rhus tox

Post influenzal cough- sangunaria, sticta


The patient must fed on the lightest diet barley water, thin gruel, skim-milk. If there is much itching, sponging with vinegar and hot water (one pint in six) is agreeable.

Homoeopathic management: merc sol, bryonia, china, hepar sulph, chamomilla.


When dysentery appears make sure that water is good.If not use boiled and filtered water to drink.House must be carefully disinfected.Unripe fruit must be avoided.the diet must be confined to gruel and farinaceous food with as much as cold water as patient likes.

Homoeopathic management:merc cor, colocynth, ipecac, aloes,


General management :Try to avoid all triggering factors like dust,pollen,animal danders etc.Practise Breathing exercises.

Homoeopathic management
:nat sulph, dulcamera, kali carb, aur, china, ipecac

Rheumatic/rheumatoid complaints

Gen management: Patient should be advised to wear woolen clothes since the woolen garments retain the heat and let the perspiration escape. Presence of lactic acid in the system gives rise to most of the symptoms. So modify the dietary pattern according to that.Grain foods are the best choice. (Oats, barely, wheat etc)

Dietery restrictions include meat, take milk but sparingly, avoid sweets ,watery fruits and vegetables. Grain foods are the best choice.(oats,barely,wheat etc)

Homoeopathic management:Rhus tox, bryonia, colchicum, dulcamara, kalmia, Calc phos, kali bich.

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Administation of camphor in cholera from the book'Cure and Prevention of the Asiatic Cholera - (1831)'

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