Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Are pictorial warnings against tobacco effective?

Nowadays pictorial warnings are used by majority of the countries, since it created better awareness among tobacco users.Canada was the first country to introduce pictorial warning in 2001.Brazil implemented in the next year. Singapore introduced it in 2004. According to WHO, shocking and fear arousing pictures are the best ones for such purposes

India made it mandatory to put pictorial warning on all tobacco products from may 31.
Previous Studies
Studies conducted in various countries that have introduced pictorial warning on cigarette packets have found that they can be extremely cost effective public health measure for the government .It is shown that in Brazil 67 % of smokers wanted to quit smoking as a result of pictorial warning .In Canada nearly half the number of smokers pointed out that the warning had increased their motivation to quit .Similar response were seen from other countries too.

Advantages of pictorial warnings

They attract the attention of common man and make it difficult to ignore the harmful effects of tobacco. Smokers knew more about the health effects from smoking as a result of pictorial warning.





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