Sunday, April 19, 2009

LINKS for Medical professionals

Resources for Homoeopaths.....

Homoeopathy resources on internet Illustrates Philosophy and Utility of Miasm,Miasmatic Diagnostic Classifications,Miasmatic Diagnosis of Clinical Classifications,Miasmatic Ancestral Tips,Miasmatic Repertory,Miasmatic Weightage of Medicines by Bengal allen institute

Similima,the largest portal on homoeopathy, designed by post graduate homoeopaths,it includes, latest information on homoeopathy,research articles ,study materials , and educational materials for exam preperation by Dr.Mansoor ali and team

hpathy- A Portal for Homeopathic Medicine, Homeopathy Remedies, Cures, Treatment, Books, Information about Software & Doctors

Modern homoeopathy-An evidence based Homoeopathy site includes Online Treatment, Articles, Cured Cases, Online Journal by Dr. Pawan S Chandak.

Homoeopathic forum by abchomoeopathy

Resources for all Medical professionals.......

Enjoy the animated graphics and extensive discussions of topics in
cardiology. -featuring image library,endoscopic piture archieves,endoscopic learning center,links to gastrointestinal websites and much more…

List of sites offering links to audible examples of normal and abnormal Breath Sounds on loop recordings that you may listen to on your computer.

Flash video of cardiac cycle:

Dermatology atlas database:

MARTINDALE'S The virtual medical centre includes interactive patient education programs that use illustrations and animations to simplify concepts, narration to read the text, and questions to verify understanding.

Updated monthly............

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