Thursday, June 11, 2009

cell phone elbow

Harmful effects from mobile phones are never ending.Earlier it was repetitive strain injury from texting,then came the recall impairment and subsequent brain damge from ring tones.Now the latest menace is cellphone elbow or medically known as cubital tunnel syndome.

How it happens?

Health experts say that those who are holding the phone near the ear for a prolonged period are at a risk of developing painful condition of arm. By bending their elbow too tightly and for too long could damage the ulnar nerve.

Dr. Benson, a professor of orthopedic surgery at Northwestern University School of Medicine, explains” The more you bend it, for example when using a phone, the more it stretches. It diminishes the blood supply, and the blood is not flowing through the nerves.”


Sufferers can present with numbness and tingling from the elbow to the fingers. More than that they find it difficult to perform their day to day activities.In order to resolve this condition up to some extent, experts suggest mobile users to switch the handset from hand to hand so often.

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