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What Homoeopathy can offer to AIDS ?

Homoeopathy uses an individualistic and holistic approach towards the sick individuals treats them at the physical, mental,and emotional levels by balancing their constitution. Same medicine may not be indicated in two patients with the same diagnosis as homoeopathy is based on individualization. 

HIV patients are more likely to get viral infection than usual.Even though there are no homoeopathic anti-viral agents, even correctly prescribed homoeopathic medicine has the potential of strengthening person’s own immune and defense system in a way that helps to fight the viral infection.So by using the homoeopathic medicine the patient can be made comparatively less susceptible to the day –to-day infections. since it is free from side effects it can be used as an adjunct with the allopathic treatment. Medical community must give more attention and research toward ways to enhance immune response, rather than ways to inhibit viral replication.
Homoeopathy medicine can provide positive results for people who are HIV positive, for those with early onset of AIDS, and for those with nonextreme cases of AIDS.It is also seen that a specific homoeopathic medicine can delay the onset of AIDS in HIV positive persons, delay the process of depletion of CD4 cells in such patients, increase in the T4 helper cells and a marked weight gain among AIDS patients.

Contribution of Central council for research in Homoeopathy(CCRH)New Delhi, India

A pilot study undertaken at its regional research institute Mumbai(1989-1991) showed homoeopathic medicines were effective in managing intercurrent illness and other clinical events related to HIV

Later, study on the same center (1995-1197) showed that an increase in CD4 cell count in the medicine group. These favourable results made the council to carry out a multicentric clinical trial in HIV infection at its institutes. It was observed that Homoeopathy can be safely used for delaying or slowing down the progression of infection in people who are not covered by anti retroviral therapy.

Council also undertook collaborative study with the university of California and Los angels entitled ‘AIDS prevention with traditional system of medicine

A follow up study in 2005 by the council collaboration with UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) entitled ‘Delivery of model HIV prevention and health promotion programmes in India by homoeopathivc physician’ in India and abroad.

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