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Common summer ailments and their solutions

For us, summer is the best time of the year. It brings memories of vacation,holiday trips etc.On the other hand, it is the usual time for all seasonal ailments ranging from heat stroke to water-borne diseases to vector borne-diseases.It's not only the heat that is making problem but also the high temperature ,that brings out many ailments. Lack of precautionary measures could make summer a nightmare

Prickly heat

Blocked sweat ducts force sweat into your skin causing an intense prickly, itchy rash, which keeps you awake at night .It may recur in the heat.It can make your holidays miserable


Keep you body as cool as possible, seek the shade, wear loose-fitting “breathable” fabrics and shower regularly

HOM: Aconite,bryonia,jaborandi,syzigium,led,sulphur (preferably6th potency ),urtica uresnsis etc according to indiactions


During summer season , the fluid intake is not able to meet the fluid loss from our body causing fluid imbalance which results in Malaise, headache, cramps, thirst, dry skin and small volumes of dark urine. Babies and the elderly are at risk of serious dehydration.

Keep your body cool and drink plenty of non-alcoholic fluids. But if you're feeling really ill with vomiting or drowsiness seek immediate medical advice

HOM: Bell,glonoine ,nat carb,aconite ,ver vir ,camphora etc. according to indication

Athlete's foot

Itchy, cracked skin between your toes. This may spread to the soles and sides of your feet.


Dry your feet thoroughly after washing, and avoid shoes that make your feet sweat. Better still, leave your feet exposed as much as possible

HOM:Graphites and sanicula according to indication.

Insect bites and stings

Allergies to wasp or bee stings can be serious.Some people are allergic to the insect's saliva, and so develop a marked itchy reaction around the bite, with swelling or blistering. Allergies to wasp or bee stings can be serious.


Cold compress is the best.
symptoms like swelling of your face, fingers,, difficulty in breathing would certaintly require immediate medical attention.

HOM: Apis,Hypericum,ledum,urtica urensis etc according to indication.

Swimmer's ear

It results from moistening your ears in pool or sea water, then baking them in sunshine.


Keep water out of your ears; use earplugs when you swim. And don't be tempted to ease the symptoms by poking with a cotton bud as it will only make matters worse.

HOM :Puls,kali sulph,tellurium etc,according to indication.

Summer diarrhoea

Seen mainly among children below five, it sometimes takes epidemic proportions if not controlled. Unhygienic surroundings, overcrowded and contaminated places, and unclean vessels are mainly to blame. In summer, the water levels are low which leads to contamination of water.


Fluid replacement is the key with frequent sips of water or rehydration fluids

Prevention is more important, so observe basic food hygiene rules.

HOM :Bry,camph,croton tig,china gambugia etc according to indication. 

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