Wednesday, March 25, 2009

How to minimize cellphone radiation exposure

Mobile phones have really changed our lives with their amazing features like Bluetooth, megapixel cameras and MP3 players.They have truly transformed our lives.On the other side the damaging effects of cell phone radiation and wireless radiation pose an extreme public health risk. Take appropriate action and protect yourself and your family

Cell phones work by emitting radio frequency radiation that transmit through the antenna.Potential risk of a mobile phone comes from its emission of low levels of radio frequency radiation (RF), the same type of energy that comes off a microwave oven

When purchasing a cell phone, choose one with low SAR (Specific Absorption Rate). The SAR level is listed in most phone instruction manuals. SAR is a way of measuring the quantity of radiofrequency (RF) energy absorbed by the body. A lower number equals less absorption. All cell phones that are commercially available fall within the prescribed safety standard of 1.6W/Kg in America and 2W/Kg in Europe and Japan. However, SAR ratings vary from over 1.5W/Kg for some phones to less than 0.5W/Kg for others. Buying a cell phone with a low SAR rating is a great way to significantly reduce your exposure to cell phone

Modern cell phones have adaptive power control, which means they uses little power which is necessary to communicate with the nearest base station. So by joining the network with best coverage in your area, you will be reducing the power that your cell isusing, and there by reducing the exposure of radiation.

Similarly if you use cell phone where the signal coverage is poor (down to one bar or less) then you are increasing the exposure to radiation. so before you use the cell phone, make sure that the signal is strong.

Don’t obstruct your cell phone’s antenna. By obstructing the antenna of cell phone you are reducing the efficiency of the cell causing cell to use more power in order to maintain proper signal quality there by emitting more radiation. Moreover by obstructing the antennae reflects some amount of the radiation back in to your hand and head. In order to overcome this,always hold your phone at its base causing minimum obstuction to antenna.

Minimize cell phone calls short and use it only for making essential calls. Just 2 minutes on a cell phone call has been shown to alter the natural electrical activity of the brain for up to an hour. For long conversation consider buying a hands free kit or use landline.

Wait for the call to connect before placing phone next to the ear. More radiation is present during the connection time.

If possible ,Use a speaker on your cell phone. Keeping the phone away from the body and head helps minimize the exposure to radiation.

Body tissues in lower body area absorb radiation more quickly than head,So avoid it keeping near the groin region.

Avoid using cellphones in,vehicles,elevators.By using mobile in these locations,you are making it to work harder to establish the connection,there by exposing to more amount of radiation.

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