Friday, April 17, 2009

Cardiovascular fitness against Aerobic fitness

Cardio vascular fitness

It is the efficiency of the heart, lungs, and vascular system in delivering oxygen to the working muscle tissues so that prolonged physical activity can be maintained. Cardiovascular fitness is good for the health , heart and the rest of your body

To achieve this, exercise 15-30 minutes/ four times a week without worrying about your heart rate(unlike aerobic fitness). Someone who exercises regularly may have a resting heart rate of 55 or 60 beats per minute. A person who does no regular exercise may have a resting rate of 70 or more beats a minute. The heart of a fit person with a resting rate of 50, beats nine million less each year than an average person’s heart with a resting heart rate of 70,there by reducing the work load of your heart

Aerobic fitness

It gives everyone, the ability to sustain significant activity for a longer period of time. Though it is a necessity for athletes, everyone can follow it as a good health practise.

The American Heart Association recommends that you do exercise that increases your heart rate between 50 and 75% of your maximum heart rate ( maximum heart rate is 220 beats per minute minus your age. For eg.Consider a person of 40 yrs., his maximum heart rate = 180.(220-40) )

So by Involving in an exercise which will raise the heart rates to 50-75% of your maximum heart rate will definitely improve your fitness. However a beginner may not be able to attain this range in the initial phase. During the first few days, do exercise for 10-15 minutes/day. Gradually set the duration as 30-60 minutes/ 4-5 times a week.You should "warm up" and "cool down" for about 5 minutes before and after your exercise. If the exercise is walking or jogging, walk slowly as a warm up. Stretching is an excellent way to warm up and cool down.


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